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    Is there a sub forum for ebay problems anywhere on here? I can't find anything.

    I am absolutely furious having been accused of using false photographs showing damage to an item that I bought and have put in a return request.

    Ebay returns appear to allow the seller to respond within so many days but they have replied immediately so do I still have to wait the statutory days before I ask ebay for assistance?

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    I wouldn't wait. they have replied so get intouch with ebay.
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      Thank you Nightwatch, I think that's what I need to do but it looks as though I have to wait 8 days.


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        Seems that EBAY and PAYPAL are a bunch of people who know little about anything. They respond sometimes and you really have to be persistent, because after waiting 30 mins on the phone they do nothing. It works badly for both sellers and buyers. If you cheat and lie you can end up wit the product and the money back. If you are the slightest bit honest you are shafted especially by out of UK mainland. Issues on who pays for the return and who damaged the goods is a big issue as many buyers not report damage in time for the seller to clam on the postal insurance.

        Both EBAY and PayPal seem to favour the buyer giving them 6-12 months to return "damaged" products albeit they were second-hand. Works well with software and technology which has a few months valid life before something new comes along.