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Need some information about Bankruptcy

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  • Need some information about Bankruptcy

    I am have done a lot of research on bankruptcy as I feel this is my only option left.
    I have no assets and don't own my home.
    Just my main question is how do they work out the monthly payment plan? When I have asked step change they told me I will be left with £0 for the month and every penny will go to them. At the moment for the month, I am currently left with £120. Will they take that all?

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    You are in a strong position you perhaps just donít realise it.
    You have no assets, donít own you own home so there is nothing for them to take, so they have to accept your offers?
    Have you given us a diary entry for your Debts?

    You may only see your option as bankruptcy but this may not be the case. I was in a very similar situation a few years back and everybody told me I should go bankrupt however I found this site and have never considered such a move since. So please look at all avenues before seeking bankruptcy.


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