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PRA (Scotland) Prescribed Debt

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    thank you! Not “?Thank you”


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      2nd letter from Hoist today.

      Basically saying.... tell us how you would like to pay. Settle in full, set up payment plan, you could get a discount and if you pay, we might also pay too meaning you will pay less.

      Filed with the other one for now.

      just waiting to see what next PRA one says....



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        Originally posted by KNNH74 View Post
        Hi Di,

        the Barclay card one is actually from Hoist Finance. Opened July 2001. Default date December 2015. Again think last payment was April 2015 as that is just before I moved back to Scotland to get support from family.

        The other PRA one is for an overdraft with default date of December 2016. That account was originally a student account opened in 1997

        So both these accounts were opened when you were living in England. Hoist is an ex-Barclaycard from July 2001, and PRA was a current account (with an agreed overdraft facility?) opened in 1997.

        You're focussing on whether the debts might be Statute Barred/Prescribed but you also need to know where you stand if the original contract (credit agreement & Ts & Cs) was governed by English or Scottish law because that could have an impact too.

        When you send your s77-79 CCA Requests let me know what the credit agreement says about the second issue.