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    Re: Allowances

    Originally posted by Undercover Elsa View Post
    Well done Steve, hopefully they'll be fine about the overdraft too. It's not as if there's any contractual minimum payment with an OD...

    Is it making life a bit easier?
    Thanks Elsa,
    Yes life is easier, i used to be paying out so much just to try and keep them all money left for anything other than the basic's...
    Ok, i accept i got myself into debt, but my god, how those parasites made it so damned easy....
    Still offering me £10,000 plus on cards i had already maxed out at £3000 and £4000....Card offers still coming through the letter box even though i was already so much in debt.
    The banks were as much to blame, and when you consider i could borrow more on a combination of cards than i could actually get a mortgage for, it was all wrong...
    I was brought up through the 70's when everyone had nothing...the temptations were far too great for me.....

    But thanks to this site it has helped me put the boot on the other foot and fight back....
    I now have over the coming months and years the chance to have a life....and its so much nicer paying for everything with good old fashioned cash.....


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      Re: Allowances

      27/2/13..Full house...Nationwide have accepted our offer for 6 months and then review again....Result.
      Thanks again Elsa, top advice from you has made this happen....